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YouTube Video Questions

If you have seen a video we posted on YouTube that you are considering requesting assistance for removal, look no further! We're more than happy to help. There are a few things of which you should be aware before making your decision to ask us to remove a promotional video on a listing.

Please Read First

  • First and foremost, we legally purchase the data that we promote. We are not "stealing" listings, listing photos, or performing copyright infringement of any type. Our listing data comes from a syndication that your brokerage has opted in on
  • We only promote the Listing Agent who originally listed the property. We do NOT sell your listing to anyone else. The Listing Agent is the only person we advertise with the listing. So if you want the YouTube video removed, just realize that if you are the listing agent, you're throwing away free advertising
  • We do NOT sell your data to third parties. Nor do we give your listing to other agents
  • Please ensure that your seller is okay with you removing this free advertising for their home prior to requesting the removal from YouTube

If you are completely sure that after reading the details above that you still want the video removed, we're happy to help you out. Please understand that the only individuals that are allowed to request such a removal are the following:

  • The original listing agent on file with this listing
  • The current seller / owner of the property
  • The new owner of the property

Yes, I Still Want This Video Removed

Please fill in your details below and we'll either remove the video as quckly as possible. We may need to contact you for further questions about your involvement with the listing. Please understand that the reason we may need to contact you is because we need to verify that you are who you say you are in order to continue with removal of the video.

Please indicate either your email address OR your phone number. You do not need to supply both.

Please indicate either the YouTube Url OR the property address. You do not need to supply both.