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Real Estate in Apache Junction, AZ

Apache Junction, AZ - One of the most understated places to consider real estate in the state of Arizona.  With a population of about 35,000, and about 34 square miles of land, Apache Junction is named for the junction of the Apache Trail and U.S. Route 60.  The town is bounded by the Superstition Mountains - home of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.  It also features the Goldfield Ghost Town, which is a tourist attraction from former mining days.

Apache Junction is a little town that lets you "get back to the West", the way I think the West would have wanted to have been preserved.  Without all of the city hustle and bustle, lots to do, and not too far away from everything else.

Check out our homes in Apache Junction, and just maybe you'll consider something a little different for your real estate portfolio.

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