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Beautiful Cave Creek, AZ Real Estate

Cave Creek real estate in Arizona sample home

When you think of the "Old West", and picture a John Wayne style of atmospheric town, you're picturing the modern day town of Cave Creek, Arizona.

Many people don't realize that there are actually 2 Cave Creeks in Arizona.  We're referring to the one that's about 27 miles North East of Phoenix.  The other one is on the eastern face of the Chiricahua Mountains and is a small mountain town.

You can find homes in Cave Creek, AZ here on our site.  It is one of the most beautiful towns around and near Phoenix.  Home pricing is going to be a little bit higher in this area due to high demand, rugged and clean feel, and desirable location.

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Get in touch with Colleen Olson at or call her at (480) 948-4711 for more information on available homes in Cave Creek, AZ!

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