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How can I host my Real Estate data?

Want an incredible website that hosts real estate listings? We can build, customize, host, troubleshoot, and SEO your real estate technology needs to create a comprehensive system to show real estate listings to the public. We also push real estate out to social media (with permission when available) such as we do on Facebook and Twitter. We're really the first to be able to advertise your data on Social Media for Real Estate! In fact, we know of no other company who is currently able to do what we do, so we patented the process!

Using real estate data, PinPut is able to provide the following services for your online real estate needs.

Building a ListHub real estate website

Real Estate Technology Services

Real Estate Database

Ultimately behind all of our business and service intelligence lies our database and data import process. Importing over 1.5 million real estate listings every day is not an easy task. Over the past few years, PinPut has perfected this process to provide the most accurate database solution for our clients' needs. This service is at the core of every other service we provide.

Your data can even be filtered to only include the properties you wish to work with: Golf properties in Arizona, Lakeside properties throughout the US, etc.

Real Estate Web Services Access and API to Listings and Advanced Search

We can provide simple web service access / API endpoints to your real estate data. Now you can build your website in whatever language or platform you wish! Just plug into our fast and secure web services to do searches, listing display and more; let us do the heavy lifting for you. If you have an existing website written in Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, .NET, or straight HTML5, you can plug directly into our services via REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, WCF, etc.

Let us save you a ton of time and money by having your developers focus on building the beautiful website and mobile applications you need, while we provide the cloud solutions for securing your data and data service access.

Geocoding Data

PinPut can now provide missing latitude and longitude data to your ListHub listing data. As a sort of plug-in to your existing service (at client's expensive for services and network), we can fill in the missing data points that your application requires. This will greatly assist with your geo spatial searches for real estate listing data.

Complete Website Development

PinPut can develop for you a complete website with statistical information / downloads. You provide a general look and feel, and any additional requirements for your site and let our engineers do the rest. We can build sites for national feeds as well as remote / niche feeds for local areas.

With our website development comes automated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your real estate listings and website. There's nothing you'll need to maintain except your sales!

Mobile Development

We can also build applications for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. Please contact us for custom needs for mobile development, as needs for this type of custom development are vast.

Social Media Broadcasting / Advertising

PinPut also has a service available as a "plug-in" service for you to specify real estate queries to be "blasted" over social media, automatically, every day of the week. Imagine, posting 100 different properties each day of the week: "Homes over $1 million in Scottsdale" on Monday, "Horse property throughout the US" on Tuesday, "Homes under $300k in the Mid-West" on Wednesday, etc. We can broadcast all of these listings to both Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, with more social media outlets coming soon. NOTE: some social medai broadcasts (such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) require special services where we hire only the most reliable content posters to comprise and publish videos. Social media broadcasting services are always at the mercy of the requirements and governance of the individual social media companies. Pinput has no control over other social media company's policies, and must therefore adhere to their rules at all times.

There are no jobs too big or small. Our engineers have built some of the largest online applications in the world. Have additional features you want added? Not a problem... just drop us a line below.

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